Why Renting Heavy Equipment is Beneficial for Your Project

Heavy Equipment Rental

You might have decided you need some equipment that you don’t currently have for a new project, as having the right equipment can save you time and money on the job. But how do you decide whether you should buy or rent construction equipment? There might be more scenarios than you think where it makes sense to rent excavators and bulldozers rather than the expense of buying them.

One major factor to consider is the length of the project or the job frequency. For example, if you are using the equipment for one specific project and that is all, renting becomes an obvious option. If you are going to use the heavy equipment more than once but over sporadic time periods, renting could still make sense when you factor in the costs of transporting and storing the equipment when it’s not in use. These are factors to consider when making your decision.

It also makes sense to assess whether your company has the capital to buy equipment and own it. If funds are a bit tighter, it may be difficult to have the money upfront that it would take to buy. Likewise, ownership also comes with operating and maintenance costs which can vary depending on many factors. When renting equipment, you don’t assume the risk of the maintenance, insurance, or storage costs, which can make it an attractive option.

Renting equipment also comes with the advantage of getting the most specialized equipment possible for the specific job you are on. While a lot of construction equipment is versatile enough to be used for many different projects, it might not always be the right choice if you could choose from a wide range of options. If your business tends to take on different types of jobs and work, renting can maximize your efficiency.

When you rent heavy equipment in North Carolina from May Heavy Equipment, you have access to the latest in quality equipment, with machines that come equipped with any new features of specialties. When you buy a piece of heavy equipment, you are aiming to keep it for the long haul. This can sometimes mean that the equipment becomes dated, or doesn’t have the latest features which can help you do the job better. This problem is solved when renting.

Before you rent heavy equipment for your next job, you want to make sure you are going through a reputable firm with a strong track record of providing outstanding equipment. At May Heavy Equipment; all of our new and used equipment comes from the best brands in the industry. Our machines are low-hour, high-quality, and always maintained to the strictest standards. If anything does break down, we are also ready and able to get to your job site quickly to repair or replace the machine, reducing any downtime.

If you need construction equipment for your next project, contact us to talk to a sales representative in your region and find out how we can help. We offer heavy equipment and fleet rentals throughout the Southeast, including GA, SC, VA, and NC.

Where to buy used construction equipment in North Carolina

Sometimes it simply makes sense to buy used construction equipment, as it provides you with a more affordable option for your future projects. Used equipment can allow you to get to work immediately no matter your field, whether it’s construction, mining, and much more.

In North Carolina, May Heavy Equipment has been the premier seller of used construction equipment for many years, building a reputation for carrying quality equipment that stands the test of time, even when you buy it already used. Our sales representatives are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to heavy equipment and what you might need for your next job, helping you find what’s right to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

What helps our used construction equipment stand apart is that it has low-hour usage, meaning you’re not going to experience a bunch of hidden problems under the hood. This also helps the equipment last longer, because it has not been thoroughly used and beaten down like a lot of other firms’ used equipment. This allows you to save on cost without having to sacrifice on quality.

No matter your job, we have equipment that fits. We carry many brands and styles of excavators, including crawlers, wheel excavators, and much more. We also specialize in dozers for all uses and applications, as we know that job types vary. If you need motor graders, track loaders, or wheel loaders, we have those too! We are confident that we have the used equipment you need for your next job.

Our vast inventory of used equipment includes over 200 machines, giving you access to more heavy equipment than you’ll find anywhere else in North Carolina. With both high value inventory and expertise on how to best use it, contractors know to come to May Heavy Equipment for new and used equipment purchase or rentals.

All across the Southeast, if you are looking for the right construction equipment for your next job, contact us today to talk to a sales representative. We can help you find what you need, or help point you in the right direction if you aren’t quite sure what will work best for your next project.

Why Buying Used Heavy Equipment is Great for your Budget

Being a budget friendly business does not have to equate to cutting down on costs in extreme ways. In becoming more budget friendly, people or businesses alike are able to cost effectively spend their budgets in areas that are necessary. In terms of finding concepts to cut down on budgets, we find people turning to used products and goods as a means of saving money in big ways. Used equipment, products or goods are able to maximize a person’s potential for saving money in big ways. The used heavy equipment industry provides safe and reliable used equipment at a fraction of the cost of new parts.

In utilizing used equipment, a business or person is able to consciously protect their accounts by being guaranteed a working product that has low hours and usage. Used heavy equipment in Greensboro North Carolina is sold by the best, May Heavy Equipment. Low hours on bulldozers, excavators, motor graders and other heavy equipment from the industry’s leading brands and manufacturers is provided by May Heavy Equipment.

Top Three Reasons to Buy Used Equipment:

  1. Price Control – Used equipment comes at a low price point with low hours on bulldozers and excavators.
  2. Return on Investment – Used equipment offers incentives to big and small businesses along with personal use to offer affordably priced materials and equipment.
  3. Guaranteed Price Control – Keeping up with price inflation is hard for most small businesses; used equipment guarantees the ability to purchase quality equipment at a controlled price.

In keeping with finding new techniques for staying budget conscious in a lifestyle that is filled with inflation and hiked prices, it is a relief to find quality used products. When purchasing a used product from May Heavy Equipment, users are left feeling satisfied with options and pricing that is pretty hard to beat. Greensboro North Carolina boasts a significant fleet of used heavy machinery that is affordable and practical for a multitude of projects both major and minor.

Learning about used equipment is made easy at May Heavy in Greensboro, as salesmen and technicians are equipped with the knowledge of hours and history on all equipment. In sticking with a budget for your business or personal use, no matter how big or small the purchase may be, giving used equipment an opportunity to perform for all your equipment needs could showcase a shift in your finances. When conducting business in the heavy machinery industry, utilizing budget conscious materials and equipment in all aspects can allow your business to thrive in other aspects.

How The Right Equipment Can Speed Up Your Project

In understanding the scope and projection of any size of project, contractors and laborers must take into account all equipment, processes, and materials available for purchase or hire. Heavy equipment for sale in Charleston, South Carolina provides big and small brands as well as personal projects with the necessary tools to make completing projects a timely and affordable experience.  While planning a project from start to finish, many contractors will seek construction equipment rentals for major or large pieces of equipment in order to speed up the project process.

The correct equipment for a job can be the determining factor in how many bodies it will take to complete a job, the man-hours necessary for completion as well as the cost associated with time and equipment. Labor costs and the necessity for projects to be completed on specific timelines can sometimes serve as a challenge for contractors or laborers trying to finalize a project. When completing a plan for a project of any scope, a building planner will utilize resources available at May Heavy Equipment in Charleston for their major equipment needs. The ability to easily rent or purchase new or used equipment allows projects to be finished on a scheduled time line and keep costs low.

Speeding Up Your Project in Charleston:

  1. Backyard Overhauls: Excavators can tear up a grass or weeded area and assist in the removal of concrete or heavy materials.
  2. Large Scale Projects: Dozers are the perfect heavy machinery for tackling major projects that require mass removal.
  3. Overtime Prevention: As contractors seek budget conscious designs and work loads, taking on heavy machinery can save builders thousands in manpower hours that would have resulted in overtime.

Excavators and Dozers are some of the most widely used heavy machinery equipment used in major projects, yet can also be easily utilized in small projects at home that will speed up your timeline. In keeping with a specific timeline on a project of any size, using the right equipment can eliminate manpower, overtime and possible injuries from overuse of hand tools. Charleston, North Carolina showcases heavy machinery equipment for all projects in and out of major businesses and building brands. May Heavy Equipment utilize heavy machinery on a daily basis as a resource for contractors, laborers, and builders.

Heavy Equipment for Construction Jobs

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Heavy Equipment for Construction Jobs in Charlotte

If you are looking for equipment for your construction job in Charlotte, NC, May Heavy Equipment has the resources that you need. Since 1997, we have been serving the Southeast with heavy equipment rentals, sales, and service, offering solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We carry a wide selection of construction equipment for sale in Charlotte, with over 200 machines currently in our inventory. Unlike many other manufacturer dealers, we are not limited to one brand, giving you more options to find the best piece of equipment for your needs. We are an authorized dealer for brands such as Kawasaki, Hyundai, Sakai, Bomag, and much more.


Another way that we serve you better is by offering both new and used heavy equipment for sale, helping us fit into any budget. We offer competitive rates and care about your project’s profitability, working with you to find the best solution both in terms of equipment and pricing. We offer equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders, and motor graders all the way to specialty equipment such as water trucks and hydraulic rock hammers. We know that everyone has different types of projects, which is why we stock such a varied array of equipment in our inventory.

If you aren’t looking to purchase equipment for your construction job, we also offer rentals to help you do the job. For example, whether it’s a short term or long term project, you can get a bulldozer rental from us for a high-quality, low-hour machine that has been service beyond industry standards. We offer heavy equipment solutions in Charlotte, NC for any type of job and budget. Contact us today to find out what we have available. Our experts can help you even if you are unsure of exactly which piece of equipment is right for the work.

We have a team of dedicated mechanics to perform any job, with the goal of providing the best service and maintenance work in the industry. This means that if your current equipment needs to be looked at, we are here to help get things back in working condition. This also means that if you are buying used equipment or renting from us, you can trust that everything has been thoroughly checked by our service team and is in great working condition.

May Heavy Equipment has grown in reputation throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and the rest of the Southeast with an expansive inventory of construction equipment from all of the leading brands in the industry. Combined with a multitude of buying and rental options, we can help you make your next construction job for effective and efficient.

For your next construction job in Charlotte, NC, or anywhere else across the Southeast, contact us to see how we can help. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service with extremely high quality equipment to help you get the job done right.

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