IHI & Gehl Compact Equipment

IHI Mini, or Compact, Excavators, are exceptional for work in a confined place and can out-perform larger, more expensive machines in construction work, landscaping and pipe-laying. With zero-tail-swing and quick, easy setup and mobility, the IHI Mini Excavator not only out-performs other mini excavators, compact excavators and backhoes, it does so with outstanding digging force and cycle time.

GEHL compact excavator high-performance hydraulics and a powerful Yanmar diesel engine combine to provide ultimate effectiveness in a variety of applications. Gehl Z17 GEN:2 compact excavator incorporates innovative design for precise digging performance. Included with a Yanmar Tier IV Engine, extendable tracks, zero-tail-swing and three cylinder guards.

IHI Mini Excavators

IHI Diesel Mini Excavators Bucket Capacity Engine Operating Weight
9VX-3 0.8 cu. ft. 10 hp 2,060 lbs
17VX-3 1.6 cu. ft. 13.4 hp 3,850 lbs
25V-4 2.8 cu. ft. 36.6 hp 5,955 lbs
30V-4 3.2 cu. ft. 22.8 hp 7,100 lbs
35N-4 3.9 cu. ft. 24 hp 7,983 lbs
45V-4 4.94 cu. ft. 44 hp 10,802 lbs
55N-4 4.6 cu. ft. 84.7 hp 12,733 lbs
55V-4 5.64 cu. ft. 44 hp 11,800 lbs
60V-4 7.0 cu. ft. 44 hp 12,128 lbs
85V-4 8.8 cu. ft. 59.4 hp 18,775 lbs
IHI Electric Mini Excavator Bucket Capacity Engine Operating Weight
9VXE-3 0.8 cu. ft. 280-480 v 2,060 lbs
17VXE 1.6 cu. ft. 480 v 3,583 lbs

GEHL Compact Excavators

GEHL Compact Excavators Digging Depth Gross Power Operating Weight
M08 4′ 11.1″ 10 hp 2,348 lbs
M100 14′ 10.3″ 69.3 hp 21,550 lbs
Z17 Gen:2 7′ 2.6″ 14.5 hp 3,836 lbs
Z25 9′ 8″ 19.7 hp 5,913 lbs
Z35 Gen:2 10′ 8″ 23.9 hp 7,905 lbs
Z45 Gen:2 11′ 7.8″ 37.7 hp 10,417 lbs
Z55 12′ 9.5″ 44.9 hp 11,850 lbs
Z80 Gen:2 14′ 4.4″ 55.7 hp 18,136 lbs
IHI Compact Equipment
  • Family owned and operated for over 20 years

  • IHI Compact Excavator Sales is the largest supplier of IHI mini excavators, track loaders, and crawler carriers in the world

  • IHI has developed a reputation for expertise, integrity and unparalleled customer service

GEHL Compact Equipment
  • With roots dating back to 1859, Manitou Americas, Inc. (formerly known as Gehl Company) is a producer of Gehl, Manitou and Mustang branded equipment for construction, agriculture, industry and beyond

  • Since entering the excavator market in 1987, Gehl has worked its tail off to offer a solid line up of compact excavators

  • True Zero-Tail-Swing –  no overhang over the tracks on any model in the Gehl product line

  • Minimal tail swing – when rotated, the tail overhangs the undercarriage by less than 20% on the M08 and M100 excavator

  • Power-A-Tach® Quick Coupler – Connect attachments hydraulically from the operators station

  • Factory-installed hydraulic thumb option adds versatility to the jobsite