New Excavators for Sale in North Carolina & South Carolina

Looking for an excavator, digger, mechanical shovel, 360-degree excavator or trackhoe? Rely on May Heavy Equipment.

Our new excavators are available for purchase or rent in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and throughout the rest of the Southeast — and even globally. Built inside and out to provide exactly what you need, our SANY and Hyundai excavator models offer power, durability and comfort without relinquishing control.

We carry tracked and wheeled excavators from Hyundai and SANY. These are ideal for a variety of construction and mining uses, including digging, material handling, brush cutting, forestry work, demolition, open-pit mining and more.

  • Hyundai Excavators

We not only offer full size excavators, we also have mini-excavators for sale to our customers in North and South Carolina. Our mini excavators are small and lightweight enough to transport quickly to the site of construction, compact excavators are uniquely suited for trenching and excavating as well as a broad range of utility work.  In fact, advances in hydraulic systems make some mini excavators outperform larger construction machines. Our vast inventory includes a range of models, from compact or mini excavators, to much larger ones. In addition, we also carry a variety of excavator attachments, making your new excavator even more useful for every job site.

Contact a May Heavy Equipment sales representative today for a consultation to learn more about our new excavators.

Hyundai Excavators

Hyundai is dedicated to providing high-quality products with exceptional service, leading to a superior customer experience. Through continuous innovation and a drive for customer success, Hyundai is able to provide solutions for a large range of heavy equipment needs.

Model Engine Weight (lbs) Power (Hp)
R35Z-9 (Zero Tail Swing) Tier 4i 8050 26.5
R60CR-9 (Compact Radius) Tier 4i 12790 55.2
R80CR-9 (Compact Radius) Tier 4i 18190 58.2
R140LC-9A Tier 4i 30820 116
R145LCR-9A (Compact Radius) Tier 4i 32610 116
R160LC-9A Tier 4i 39240 128
R220LC-9A Tier 4i 49640 157
R235LCR-9A (Compact Radius) Tier 4i 53620 157
R260LC-9A Tier 4i 56880 178
R300LC-9A Tier 4i 868260 212
R330LC-9A Tier 4i 74960 268
R380LC-9A Tier 4i 86200 290
R480LC-9A Tier 4i 108420 352

Sany Excavators

Model Engine Weight (lbs) Power (Hp)
SY16C Yanmar 3TNV74F, Tier 4f 3858 lb (1750 kg) 15.6
SY35U Yanmar 3TNV88-BDSA, Tier 4f 38,333 lb (3780 kg) 27.4
SY75C Isuzu AU-4LE2X Tier 4i 16,050 lb (7280 kg) 54.3 HP
SY135C Isuzu AJ-4JJ1X, Tier 3 30,424 lb (13 800 kg) 97.9
SY215C Cummins QSB 6.7, Tier 3 51,193 lb (23221 kg) 155
SY235C Cummins QSB 6.7, Tier 3 55,589 lb (25 215 kg) 195
SY335C Cummins QSL 9, Tier 4i 79,860 lb (36 224 kg) 290
Hyundai construction equipment
  • Full line of products from skid steers, wheel loaders, excavators and backhoe loaders

  • 3 Years / 3,000 hour warranty

  • More than 25 years manufacturing experience

  • Headquartered in nearby Atlanta, Ga with over 1,000,000 square foot parts warehouse

Sany America, Inc. excavators
  • Based in nearby Peachtree City, Georgia and has been in operation since 2012

  • Each year, they re-invest 5-7% of sales revenue into R&D, making it possible to expand product lines

  • SANY’s excavator product line comprises of a full range of small, medium and large hydraulic crawler excavators

  • Listed among the world’s 500 most valuable companies