Thunder Creek Equipment

Fuel | DEF | Lube | Service – Thunder Creek is the original innovator of these industry-leading solutions for off-road machinery maintenance.  Their Multi-Tank Trailers are the first and only fuel and service trailers that do not require the driver to carry a HAZMAT endorsement, and in many cases, a CDL is not required either. They were designed to meet this specific need and ease the industry-wide burden of finding qualified employees with the necessary credentials.

Protect your investment in your equipment with solutions to maintain fluid purity and save countless hours with all fluids and field service materials in one place with a Thunder Creek trailer.

With multiple locations in the Southeast, we conveniently serve contractors, miners and other clients in Georgia South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, throughout the rest of the Southeast and beyond — even globally.

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Thunder Creek Multi-Tank Trailers

The one-of-a-kind Multi-Tank Trailer utilizes multiple 115-gallon tanks individually connected to a commercial grade pumping system. The result is a trailer that legally mitigates the need for the driver to carry a HAZMAT endorsement. In many cases, a CDL may not be required either.

Multi-Tank Trailers Capacity L/W/H Empty Weight
MTT460 460 gallons 13’/7’/6′ 3,426 lbs
MTT690 690 gallons 15’/7’/6′ 4,054 lbs
MTT920 920 gallons 17’/7’/6′ 4,682 lbs

Thunder Creek Service & Lube Trailers

A Service & Lube Trailer is an affordable alternative to a lube truck. Each trailer is customized with up to eight tanks for oil, reclaimed oil, antifreeze, and diesel. You can also opt for a DEF system, grease system and a variety of job-ready tools.

Service & Lube Trailers Capacity L/W/H Empty Weight
SLT440 440 combined gallons 20’1″ / 6’9″ / 5’9″ 6,800 lbs
Thunder Creek Equipment
  • Proudly American Made. Thunder Creek Fuel and Service Trailers and DEF delivery solutions are made by LDJ Manufacturing, Inc., a family owned business located in Pella, Iowa

  • Thunder Creek is the original innovator of industry-leading solutions for off-road machinery maintenance

  • Thunder Creek’s closed DEF Delivery Solutions are the most convenient way to maintain the purity of diesel exhaust fluid and protect your Tier 4 machinery

  • The Thunder Creek Difference – Having fuel, DEF and service on-site makes these operations more efficient