1) Most versatile waste shredding solution on the market today.

TANA Shark shredders can be used in a variety of different capacities and applications.  Three different mobile base options are available, including a tracked model, a trailer model, and a stationary model.  Some operations may use these machines as secondary shredders, or for small particle size shredding that can be completed in one pass.  Multiple screen options are available for final particle sizes varying from as small as 2 inches (50 mm) to as large as 20 inches (500 mm). These versatile rotor screens can be added or removed in about 20-30 minutes by trained personnel. TANA Shark shredders can shred a variety of different materials with minor adjustments necessary between material types.  Common materials processed through these shredders include tires, commercial and industrial construction waste, demolition waste, wood waste, solid recovered fuel (SRF), plastic materials, MSW, household waste, mattresses, furniture, paper, roofing shingles, ragger wire and other types of materials. These shredders are truly versatile.

2) TANA‘s smart Control System (TCS) optimizes performance for increased production.

TANA’s exclusive and smart TCS automatically selects from 12 pre-programmed operating modes for different types of materials to optimize machine functions for maximum production and efficiency. When non-crushable objects are encountered, causing the rotor to stop, the TCS engages a reversing mode and will try this several times until the object is dislodged and goes through or the machine stops.  If necessary, this allows the object to be removed quickly and safely through a convenient side wall opening on the shredder.

3) An Integrated scale tracks production.

TANA Shark shredders are equipped with an integrated weigh scale that weighs shredded materials on the conveyor in real-time. This information is transferred to the TANA ProTrack® system, where owners and operators can view production reports online.

4) Heavy-duty, long-lasting design with easy service in mind.

TANA Shark shredders are designed for long-life reliability with easy service in mind.  Proprietary alloys, developed by TANA, are used in the construction of the rotor knives for reduced weight and improved wear performance.  The rotor knives are universally-designed for all material types which, reduces the need to stock various teeth on-hand and reduces downtime when changing between material types.  Exchanging the teeth on the entire rotor drum can be done in just a few hours.  The TANA Shark is powered by a Cummins QSX 15 diesel engine.

5) One shredder can replace three machines.  Save REAL money in your solid waste operation.

In many cases, this shredder can be used in place of three different machines that are commonly used.  Many operations use a primary shredder, plus a secondary shredder, along with a separate screen for reducing particle sizes.  The mobile TANA Shark shredder processes a wide size range of materials and particle sizes and can save waste operations thousands of dollars in fuel costs, manpower costs, and equipment cost, versus larger multi-machine solutions.

Click to view TANA Shark Waste Shredder Brochure: Shark_eco220-440D_Shredder