At MAY-RHI, one of our most popular products for land clearing contractors is the Lamtrac model 6140T.  When equipped with the amazing performance of a Denis Cimaf DAH180 mulching head, this land clearing combo can do some serious damage to trees, brush, and vegetation.  Here are the reasons you will want to add this combo to your fleet.

  1. Way more power than any other compact track loader on the market!
    The Lamtrac 6140T tracked carrier is powered by a reliable Cummins QSB4.5 diesel engine with 140 hp.  This higher horsepower is further enhanced with three dedicated pumps and 44 GPM of available flow for attachments.  The DAH180 head has a flow requirement of 30 GPM so, there is plenty of power and flow to power this attachment and achieve maximum performance.
  2. Purpose-built, severe-duty chassis, and drivetrain.  This is no ordinary track loader.
    The Lamtrac 6140T is purpose-built with heavier-duty travel motors and pumps, larger coolers, and a fully sealed greaseless undercarriage for reduced maintenance, higher performance, longer life, and improved reliability.
  3. Happy and safe operators are more productive.
    The Lamtrac 6140 has a spacious cab environment with a large digital display, ergonomic controls, A/C and heat, Bluetooth radio, safe escape roof hatch for emergency exit, rear-view camera, Lexan glass for added protection, and much more.
  4. Service is part of the design.
    Lamtrac and the Denis Cimaf are designed for severe duty applications, but both are equipped with time-saving service and maintenance features.  Lamtrac features a greaseless design with sealed components, a convenient electric tilting cab, wide-opening access doors, a swing-out cooling fan, and a fully lit engine compartment that makes servicing the machine even easier. The DAH180 is standard-equipped with convenient sharpening tools to be used with the heat-treated, bolt-on forged knives, that are designed for maximum resistance to impact and abrasion, and can be sharpened right on the unit.
  5. Great overall warranty backed by a factory-trained support team, MAY-RHI.
    At MAY-RHI, we know the Lamtrac and Denis Cimaf products very well.  Our technicians are factory-trained and well-versed in troubleshooting, maintaining, and supporting these products that are used in the harshest of environments.  We stock wear parts at all of our seven MAY-RHI locations, located throughout North and South Carolina.  No matter where you are land clearing with your Lamtrac-Denis Cimaf mulching combo, we have you covered.  Lamtrac’s factory warranty is comprehensive. The full machine is covered for 1 year or 1,000 hours and the engine and all hydraulic components are covered or 2 years or 2,000 hours.  Wear parts are not included in the warranty, but we stock them, and our service team can assist you with the installation and repairs as needed.

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