1. Get more for your money. With this machine, you get just about everything included. We don’t “nickle and dime” you on options. Enjoy great features like an air-suspension seat, smooth electronically controlled hydraulic flow, proportional attachment thumb controls on the joysticks, on-board diagnostics, centralized lube banks, powerful auto a/c, 8-inch color touchscreen display, Bluetooth radio, 2-way attachment piping, joystick control change valve, dual sunshades, upper and lower windshield wipers, hot/cold storage box, on-board level indicator – inclinometer and so much more. Now through August 31st this is the best time to take advantage of the absolute BEST deals and financing available in 2020 with 0% and low interest, low payment offers, offered by the factory.
  2. Heaviest and most stable with industry-leading lift capacities. The HX220L, when standard-equipped with a bucket installed, weighs in around 51,500 lbs, making it the heaviest and most stable machine in its class. This means you can work on the job site more sure-footed while benefiting from the best lift capacities available. If you are adding quick couplers, long arms, thumbs, bigger buckets or just working with heavier materials, this will be a GAME CHANGER for your job site.
  3. More power and excellent control. The HX220L was recently updated with improved hydraulic control due to a new feature called EPFC. Now the pumps are controlled by way of electrical signals that correspond to the operator’s demand and individual program settings for flow priority and load sensitivity. Bottom line, the powerful Cummins turbo diesel engine with 173 net horsepower and the newly updated hydraulic system allow operators to harness more power with improved precision and control than ever before.
  4. Saftey is part of the design! Hyundai takes operator and job site safety to a whole new level with this HX220L. Large guard rails on both sides of the machine along with a larger grab rail and convenient steps that feature a proprietary anti-slip surface, make it easier for operators to climb up and off of the machine safely. Most impressive is the rear-view camera that is standard and viewable through the 8-inch monitor, which can be further enhanced by Hyundai’s industry-exclusive AAVM, All-Around View Monitoring system, that provides a 360 top-down view and object detection by way of additional cameras and software.  AAVM is an option, but it is very affordable and can save operators and ground workers from costly damage or unfortunate injuries.
  5. Great warranty and dealer support. Hyundai’s standard warranty is 3 years or 3,000 hours on the full machine, plus they guarantee the heavy welded structure for 5 years or 10,000 hours – longest in the industry! We are the most experienced and largest Hyundai dealer in North America and have the training and parts to support you on all things Hyundai. All new Hyundai’s also come with the full 5-year Hyundai telematics system and subscription which further improves machine maintenance, reliability, and uptime through remote machine data communication.