MAY-RHI, part of National Equipment Dealers, LLC, which spans four states with 11 locations, is part of the largest Hyundai dealership in North America. Hyundai wheel loaders offer the most bang for your buck on the market today. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing your next wheel loader.

1) Performance leads to profitability.

Hyundai HL900 series loaders have been tested against Volvo, Caterpillar, and John Deere loaders and have consistently matched or exceeded the performance of these well-known brands. The performance demonstrated by Hyundai wheel loaders is entirely by design. Hyundai’s HL900 series loaders are powered by Cummins or Scania turbo diesel engines. Both engines are well known, reliable, and fuel-efficient. The engine power is transferred through an automatic ZF transmission along with ZF front and rear axles. Hyundai’s standard axle configuration includes an auto-locking, hydraulic front differential, that engages upon wheel slip, for improved traction. Hyundai’s ZF axles are also designed with outboard wet-disc brakes and planetary gears which reduces heat buildup and provides easier access for service as compared to inboard brakes and planetaries, offered by competitor models. Responsiveness and control are also very important factors that affect the performance of a loader. Hyundai loaders feature electric over hydraulic controls that allow for precise tuning and adjustments based on application, attachment type, and material density. Other performance-enhancing features include standard onboard ride control, programmable return-to-dig detents, and an accurate weighing system that measures the weight of the load to within +/- 1% – which reduces overfilling or underfilling trucks.

2) Operator Comfort Improves Productivity!

Why pay extra when you can have it all? With Hyundai loaders, you get a large and spacious cab with all the comfort features included, unlike many competitors. Hyundai loaders are standard-equipped with comfort-enhancing features like a heated air-suspension seat, a tilting/telescoping steering column, a powerful auto-climate control system, Bluetooth radio with mp3 and hands-free calling, joystick control with an integrated forward-neutral-reverse switch, kick-down button and third spool attachment switch. Additional cab features include cup holders, a 7-inch color touchscreen monitor, and a front window sunshade.

3) If it’s not running, it’s not earning.

At MAY-RHI, we get this. Our service department is factory-trained and experienced at working on Hyundai equipment. There is no better place to go for service, maintenance, and repair. Fortunately, Hyundai loaders are also very reliable and easy to service. All but one model of Hyundai loaders have NO DPF filter to change ever, which saves owners thousands of dollars in lost production and service cost. Hyundai loaders are designed with safety-inspired guard rails and steps in all service locations. They feature convenient remote drains for fluid service, smart onboard diagnostic features that identify fault codes, and provide descriptions for faster troubleshooting and a swing-out cooler assembly with reversible engine fan, for easy maintenance and cleaning. At MAY-RHI, we keep fast-moving parts in stock at each of our 7 locations. If we don’t have the part we can usually have it shipped within 24-48 hours from Hyundai’s large North American Headquarters and parts facility located in Norcross, Georgia.

4) Connected equipment is easier to manage and maintain.

All Hyundai wheel loaders come with a full telematics platform and 5 years of cellular service, called Hyundai HiMATE. This remote machine management system is detailed and accurate. It provides the owner, operator, or fleet manager with timely machine operation data, geolocation data and geofencing capabilities, reminders for service intervals, real-time diagnostic data, and much more. Hyundai’s HiMATE keeps you more connected to your equipment, so you can avoid costly repairs and better manage your equipment productivity.

5) Hyundai is known for its hassle-free and comprehensive warranty.

Bottom-line, this is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Hyundai offers 3 years or 3,000 hours of full machine warranty, that covers everything on the machine except wear parts. They enhance that full machine warranty with a 5 year or 10,000 hours structural warranty, that covers major welded steel components like the frame, chassis, loader arm, etc.