Bell Trucks are by far the safest-designed articulated dump trucks on the market today. Many innovations to enhance operator and job site safety originated at Bell.  


  • HILL HOLD / ASSIST – When stopping on slopes the parking brake is automatically applied and the torque-dependent park brake release ensures no roll back on slopes. The park brake is automatically released when the throttle position and torque is enough to overcome the machine weight with payload while on the hill.
  • TIP SAFE – An on-board inclinometer provides pitch and roll information to prevent accidental tip over. When applied, the system can prevent bin dumping when roll exceeds a specific percentage. Roll percentage range is programmable from 5% and 20% of level. (default 15%).
  • AUTO RETARDER – an auto engine retarder automatically applies when the operator lifts his foot off the accelerator. This is assisted by wet disc brakes and on larger trucks, a transmission retarder.
  • NEUTRAL PARK BRAKE – The park brake automatically applies when neutral is selected.
  • AUTO HORN – All trucks can be set up to automatically sound the horn when starting or switching between forward and reverse.
  • ON-BOARD WEIGH SYSTEM – Prevents overloading to ensure safe hauling. A speed restriction mode can also be activated if the machine is significantly overloaded.
  • AUTO TRACTION CONTROL – Ensures optimum traction in difficult environments.
  • [email protected] GEOFENCING – Bell’s telematics system – standard with all Bell Trucks offers multiple geofencing features that can be programmed for challenging site conditions to ensure safer machine operation, such as downhill speed control, geofence speed limits and bin restrictions
  • INTEGRATED REAR VIEW CAMERA – An auto rearview camera displays to reduce accidents when backing up.
  • KEYLESS START – Keyless start, driver identity and access codes ensure no unauthorized operation of your equipment.
  • REDUCED NOISE LEVELS – Bell’s sound suppression package significantly reduces noise levels and operator fatigue.
  • SPEED CONTROLS – Both operator or site-selectable maximum speed control allow the truck to automatically decelerate and apply the retarder to prevent onsite speeding.
  • ROPS/FOPS CERTIFIED CABS – BELL truck cabs meet all ISO ROPS/FOPS certifications.