1. Buy the right size and type of machine for your application.

    Whether you are digging waterlines or moving large volumes of dirt off a site clearing project, the size of your machine matters.  Hyundai offers multiple excavator configurations and sizes.  If you are working along a lane of traffic or in a residential area, you should consider a “CR” compact radius style machine.  These machines have a reduced tail swing and can easily operate in tighter work conditions.  Compact radius machines, like Hyundai’s HX235LCR, weighing around 54,000 lbs, are versatile because of their size and footprint. However, lift capacities at longer reach are less than conventional tail-swing machines like the Hyundai HX220L.  Compact radius models are also heavier and have higher ground pressure than conventional machines.  Hyundai’s HX220L with conventional counterweight is a class-leader in operating weight and lifting capacity.

    Also popular are the long reach models, featuring longer boom and arm attachments reaching 50 ft like Hyundai’s HX220LR and out to 60 ft, like Hyundai’s HX300LR.

    If ground clearance if an issue, higher and wider undercarriages are also available. Hyundai offers these configurations, known as HW – High Walker, like the popular Hyundai model HX300L HW.  These machines are great for forestry and demolition applications where additional clearance is required.

  2. What’s the true cost of the machine?

    Don’t be fooled by salespeople that sell you on a higher price machine and tout the back-end resale value as justification for paying 15-20% more money than a Hyundai.  Resale value varies greatly by machine condition at the time of sale and other factors like geography, machine options installed, and demand for like models.  More importantly, you should try to determine the true cost of a machine, not just the acquisition price and perceived resale value.  True cost of ownership includes the purchase price plus the cost of operation during the life of the machine, less any potential resale value when it is resold.  How much does it cost to run the machine when factoring in fuel cost, filter replacement cost, potential downtime, and associated lost revenue while the machine is repaired?  Also, are you getting enough for what you paid for? With Hyundai, machine reliability is excellent in part due to quality components used in the machines like Kawasaki pumps and Cummins engines.  Hyundai also backs up their equipment with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, which includes 3 years or 3,000 hours full machine warranty and an industry-exclusive 5 -year or 10,000 hours structural guarantee. 
    Hyundai excavators are also loaded up with more for your money.  You don’t get “nickle and dimed” on every little option you would like to have.  At MAY-RHI, we bring in most of our Hyundai excavators with air-ride suspensions seats, auxiliary hydraulic piping for attachments, and on-board telematics (HiMATE) for tracking service intervals and machine location.

  3. Operator comfort equals higher productivity.

    HX Series Cab

    Hyundai’s HX series operator’s cabs are the largest and most feature-rich in the industry.  These cabs offer creature comforts that keep the operator working happier and longer, with reduced fatigue.  The operator seat adjusts in multiple ways, including seat recline, lumbar support, seat angle, air-suspension, seat slide, console slide, adjustable height and position control consoles, and heat (on/off).  An 8-inch color and touchscreen monitor is provided for user-friendly navigation of machine modes, functions, preferences, operating information and machine diagnostic data.  This monitor can also be controlled by Hyundai’s exclusive and convenient haptic controller, which controls the monitor and the on-board climate control system.  A cable-assisted, slide-up front windshield is designed for easy opening.  There is also a rear storage location for easy storage of the lower, removable front window.  Other nice features include a hot-cold storage box, multiple cup holders, Bluetooth radio with hands-free calling, USB charge ports, top and front sunshades, and lunch-box storage compartment.  A happy operator is a productive operator.

  4. Why buy used when you can have new?

    Many people choose to purchase used CAT or Deere because of perceived value or reputation and because the cost of new is too far out of their budget.  At MAY-RHI we sell many brands of used equipment if that is what you prefer, but with new Hyundai excavators and current promotions available, you might be surprised by what you can afford.  As part of National Equipment Dealers, we are the largest Hyundai dealer in North America.  We have the buying power and the support system in place to offer you the best deal in our territory.  Hyundai is currently offering 0% for 48 months 0.9% for 60 months or only 1.99% for 72 months on all equipment. (offer valid from June 1, 2020, through August 31, 2020) If new is still out of the budget, we offer a huge selection of used Hyundai excavators from our rental fleet that may suit your needs.  Special rate financing may also be available on used equipment depending on the hours on the machine.

  5. Tracking your machine is an essential tool.

    Make sure to consider telematics when buying a new or used excavator.  All Hyundai’s are equipped with on-board telematics called HiMATE.  This remote management service – HiMATE – is offered at no additional charge for up to five years on all new Hyundai equipment.  This provides you real-time updates on your desktop and phone, of machine operating condition, productivity information, machine location, maintenance interval reminders, machine fault codes, alerts, and much more.  This is another area that lowers your cost of ownership and provides timely information, to keep your equipment running longer and more efficiently while you own it.

Virtual Tour – HX Series Cab

HX Series Comfort Cab

HiMATE Telematics System