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Bell Articulated Trucks: E Series

As a global leader in Articulated Dump Trucks, Bell Equipment brings you the world-class E-series range. The evolutionary E-series is packed with class-leading features that deliver production boosting payloads, lower daily operating costs, superior ride quality, and uncompromising safety standards.

Bell E-series articulated trucks will give your business the competitive edge you need.

There are a number of industry firsts where Bell has set standards that other ADT manufacturers have followed:

  • On-board weighing was introduced on Bell ADTs in 2002 and has been subject to continuous development and improvement.
  • Tip Safe is a safety feature that customers really value. Due to the oscillation joint, it’s possible for an operator to reverse a truck such that the rear chassis is leaning over precariously while the front is level. The Bell Tip Safe feature prevents the tipping of the bin when it is unsafe to do so.
  • Neutral Park Brake negates the risk of a truck rolling away when it is put into neutral and the operator takes his foot off the brake pedal, particularly when the truck is parked on a slope. A Bell ADT automatically applies the park brake when neutral is selected and automatically releases it when the transmission is put in gear and the operator applies pressure to the accelerator pedal.
  • Downhill Speed Control automatically varies retardation to keep a vehicle at a set speed while going downhill. This allows the operator to focus on steering without having to worry about controlling speed.
  • Hill Hold applies the brakes automatically if the operator takes his foot off the accelerator pedal while driving up an incline, and this prevent the truck from rolling backwards. When the accelerator is activated again, the brakes are released when there is enough engine torque to pull away smoothly.
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Bell Articulated Trucks

Model Weight (lbs) Power (kW/Hp)
B20E LGP 34,943 228
B25E 43,350 282
B30E 44,400 329
B40E 70,078 lbs 510
B45E 70,277 523
B50E 77,821 577
B60E 93,644 577
Bell Trucks America - articulated dump trucks
  • Best in Class Fuel Efficiency

  • [email protected] Remote Monitoring helps manage your fleet with greater precision and superior efficiency

  • On-board weighing is a standard feature on all Bell ADTs

  • Best power-to-weight ratio in the industry

  • Packed with class leading features that deliver production boosting payloads, lower daily operating costs, superior ride quality and uncompromising safety standards