New Excavators for Sale in North Carolina & South Carolina

Looking for an excavator, digger, mechanical shovel, 360-degree excavator or trackhoe?

Rely on May Heavy Equipment.

Our new excavators are available for purchase or rent in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and throughout the rest of the Southeast — and even globally. Built inside and out to provide exactly what you need, our Hyundai excavator models offer power, durability and comfort without relinquishing control.

We carry tracked and wheeled excavators from Hyundai and Yanmar, and these are ideal for a variety of construction and mining uses, including digging, material handling, brush cutting, forestry work, demolition, open-pit mining and more.

  • Hyundai excavator
  • Yanmar excavators

We not only offer full size excavators, we also have mini-excavators for sale to our customers in North and South Carolina. Our mini excavators are small and lightweight enough to transport quickly to the site of construction, compact excavators are uniquely suited for trenching and excavating as well as a broad range of utility work. In fact, advances in hydraulic systems make some mini excavators outperform larger construction machines. Our vast inventory includes a range of models, from compact or mini excavators, to much larger ones. In addition, we also carry a variety of excavator attachments, making your new excavator even more useful for every job site.

Contact a May Heavy Equipment sales representative today for a consultation to learn more about our new excavators.