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DENIS CIMAF Products We Carry

DAH Brushcutter Mulchers

These industrial, hydraulic mulcher attachments for excavators are ideal for intensive brushcutting; on site development, transmission line and pipeline right-of-way development and maintenance, and roadside maintenance work. DAH Forestry Mulchers use DENIS CIMAF’s patented horizontal-shaft rotor technology with fixed knives and bolt-on cutting blades, a design with numerous advantages.

DENIS CIMAF Forestry mulcher

DAF Forestry Mulchers

DAF front-mounted brushcutter-mulchers evolved from adapting the DAH series to vehicles such as wheeled or tracked skid steers or other dedicated units that are designed for use with front-mounted attachments. These Forestry Mulchers, industrial hydraulic attachments are ideal for intensive brushcutting applications including land clearing, development and maintenance of transmission line and pipeline right-of-ways, and roadside maintenance. DAF brushcutters use DENIS CIMAF’s patented horizontal-shaft rotor technology with fixed knives and bolt-on cutting blades, a design that offers numerous advantages.

DENIS CIMAF Forestry Mulchers

EWF Hydraulic Power Unit

The EWF is the cutting edge, next generation of external hydraulic power unit available on the market. The EWF unit has been specifically designed to generate high output hydraulic power to all of your hydraulic attachment needs. Its compact design will allow you to directly mount  the unit on a multitude of equipment applications.

The EWF unit is controlled and monitored by a simple and user friendly display interface ergonomically located inside the operator cab. Can be operated without the ignition key. All of the units key vital information is clearly displayed for quick operator reference.

EWF Hydraulic Power Unit

Lamtrac Products We Carry

LTR 6140T Compact Track Loaders

The LTR 6140T was designed for small contractors that operate Compact Track Loaders with mulching heads to get more productivity and performance out of this equipment category. This models is unique in the industry in that it prioritizes operator safety/comfort and minimizing hazardous debris accumulation. Rated at 140 HP, the tractor provides ample flow and pressure to maximize operation of mulching heads or other high flow attachment requirements, and hydraulics can also be operator controlled to work in lower flows. Key as in all Lamtrac models, access to maintenance and service of components is extremely quick and easy.

Lamtrac 6140T Tracked Loader

LTR 8300T

In this ground up redesign, the LTR 8300T brings features such as pivoting tracks, an on board self-diagnostics system, and full engine compartment lighting that are industry first in this horsepower class. The Cummins QSC 8.3 powers 290HP in a solid hydraulic components layout that maximizes the power going to the mulching head. This Lamtrac model was engineered to maximize power in the smallest package as possible. Under 28,000lbs, two machines can be hauled on one truck, and this mulcher can do large scale production yet still be a small maneuverable package versatile for a wide variety of job opportunities.

Lamtrac 8300T Mulcher

Lamtrac 8400Q

Lamtrac’s world unique Quad Trac articulated platform, set up for large scale production with Cummins powered QSM11 motor rated at 400HP. This model is capable accessing the harshest land management contracts that ensures top revenues to their owners. Under 40,000lbs with the mulching head, this is a low environmental impact monster that remains focused on operator comfort/safety, and maintenance friendly.

Lamtrac 8400Q mulcher

Lamtrac 8400T

This Lamtrac model differentiates itself from its rivals by featuring an oversize cooling package capable of operating effectively in practically any ambient temperature. The JD450 equivalent track system is built to last and resist to the abuse of large scale contracts and minimizes the time for maintenance by keeping components easily accessible and reducing the day to day check list. This machine focuses on uptime, and generating revenues.

Lamtrac 8400T Mulcher

Lamtrac 9610Q

The LTR 9610Q brings a new level to Lamtrac’s world exclusive quad track articulated platform. This is the mother of all mulching equipment, the vehicle that competitors in the same HP category simply cannot follow. With its Cummins QSX-15 engine, it can offer massive production using the 610HP available. But what sets the LTR 9610Q miles ahead of the pack is this brute force on a machine that floats at 3.9 PSI. Equipment at half its weight can’t even claim this!

Lamtrac 9160Q Mulcher

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