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TANA Solid Waste Management/Recyling Equipment

Tana Shark Low Speed Shredders

There are some undisputed features which differentiate the Tana Shark low-speed shredders from other products on the market. Versatility is the key word in design as special attention has been paid to the machine’s capability to shred most materials and produce a wide range of particle size. The Shark is available both as a diesel-driven and electric version. When movement is required, the mobile version is an obvious choice whereas the stationary version may be fitted e.g. into a larger recycling line.

Tana Shark Low Speed Shredders
Model Engine Horsepower Rotor Knives Counter Knives Set Up
440DT Cummins QSX15 580 HP 33 23 Track
440D Cummins QSX15 580 HP 33 23 Trailer
440E Cummins QSX15 580 HP 33 23 Stationary
220DT Cummins QSX15 580 HP 22 23 Track
220D Cummins QSX15 580 HP 22 23 Trailer

Tana Landfill Compactors

Tana compactors are the highest performing machines on the market, and we guarantee it. The Tana E Series landfill compactors are a result of long-term product development and proven solutions which bring remarkable benefits to the user. Tana compactors are packed with unique features which set them apart from other compactors on the market.

TANA E520 Compactor
Model Operating Weight # Teeth Engine Horsepower
E260 58,000 Lbs 160 Cummins QSL9- C265 265 HP
E320 70,500 Lbs 160 Cummins QSL9- C320 345 HP
E380 83,750 Lbs 190 Cummins QSX15- C450 450 HP
E450 99,250 Lbs 220 Cummins QSX15- C535 580 HP
E520 121,000 Lbs 220 Cummins QSX15- C535 580 HP

Humdinger Vortex Windrow Turner

Humdinger Equipment is currently engineering and testing a new line of windrow turners that will be brought to market in 2020.

TANA Windrow Turner