New Track Trucks for Sale in NC & SC

PowerBully vehicles are designed and engineered in both the USA and Germany. PowerBully are rugged tool carriers for payloads ranging from nearly 6,000 lbs to 33,000 lbs. They can operate in the most demanding conditions and can be built to individual customer specifications.

IHI Crawler Carriers, also called crawler dumpers, are a product of heavy-duty construction and are designed to show off their high usability and functionality even in adverse working conditions. They are put to outstanding use in the Oil and Gas, Construction and Utility industries as well as in Military and Defense support. Heavy-duty lower track frame with sealed components are standard equipment.

Yanmar’s rugged carriers can get into, around or under a lot of spaces that nothing else mechanized can.  Their durable rubber tracks give you the high-flotation, low ground pressure capability to productively operate in muddy, sloppy, adverse conditions, while minimizing disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas. Plus, each comes with a powerful, emissions- compliant, fuel-efficient YANMAR diesel engine, so you won’t waste precious uptime – or money – with endless fill-ups.

  • PowerBully Track Carriers
  • Yanmar Tracked Carriers
  • PowerBully Track Carriers
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PowerBully Track Carriers

PowerBully Models Payload Power Max Torque
PowerBully 5T 16,000 lbs 260 hp 987 Nm (728 lb ft) @ 1500 rpm
PowerBully 15T 35,000 lbs 310 hp 1,288 Nm (951 lb ft) @ 1500 rpm
PowerBully 16T 36,600 lbs 310 hp 1,288 Nm (951 lb ft) @ 1500 rpm
PowerBully 12RT 22,000 lbs 250 hp 990 Nm (731 lb ft) @ 1500 rpm
PistenBully 100 Utility

IHI Track Carriers

IHI Model Max Payload Horsepower Operating Weight
S25A Pivot Dump 5,510 lbs 46 hp 5,176 lbs
IC-35 6,614 lbs 46 hp 5,016 lbs
IC-50 8,820 lbs 120 hp 13,995 lbs
IC-75-2 14,332 lbs 225 hp 23,152 lbs
IC-120 24,250 lbs 289 hp 31,085 lbs

Yanmar Track Carriers

Tracked Carriers Weight Horsepower Max Payload
C50R-3C 11,662 lbs 96.5 hp 8,380 lbs