Hyundai just introduced the new HX350AL, which replaces last year’s model, HX330L.  This new model is a little heavier by design, which provides operators additional stability and lifting capacity, especially when equipped with longer arm and bucket configurations.  Below is a quick comparison of the new HX350AL versus the HX330L.

According to Hyundai, the new L9 Cummins turbo-diesel engine in the HX350AL is more fuel-efficient than the previous QSL9.  The after-treatment system now complies with Euro Stage V emissions standards.  This new near-zero emissions standard is achieved through an all-new single module SCR/DOC/DPF unit, that cleans and removes engine soot and nitrogen oxide through a passive regeneration process.  The previous Cummins engine also used EGR, exhaust gas recirculation, which introduced exhaust gasses back into the engine to reduce NOX.  The new L9 no longer requires EGR, making it an even cleaner process.

The new HX350AL incorporates some nice design changes and additional features, not previously offered on the HX330L.

Steel Side Bumpers

One design change is the addition of steel side bumpers on the left and right sides of the upper structure.  This provides additional structural strength and helps to protect the pump and cooler compartment doors from accidental damage when swinging.

Straight Travel Mode

Straight Travel Mode Allows One Pedal To Move Both Tracks Forward Or Backward

Another nice new feature, now standard on the HX350AL is the ST [Straight Travel] Mode.  With just the flip of a rocker switch, located on the right of the operator, the machine can be moved in a straight line – forward or reverse – using the left side travel pedal.  This is a great feature for pipeline or utility contractors who need to dig trenches or for operators working along an embankment.

Lifting Mode | Free Swing | Fine Swing

Selectable Lifting Mode Provides A Constant Boost In Hydraulic Lifting Power When Activated

The HX350AL also features Hyundai’s new lifting mode with optional free swing and fine swing modes.  The new lift mode is ideal in applications where the machine is used for craning, like lifting precast concrete structures.  When activated, the new lift mode increases system pressure to the power boost setting – about a 10% increase – and reduces engine rpm, which improves controllability.

Either of these functions can be used in conjunction with Lifting Mode

The optional Free Swing Mode or Fine Swing Mode can be selected from within the monitor and activated with a rocker switch.  The Free Swing Mode, releases the swing brake, so the upper structure can be easily centered over a load.  This is especially useful when picking up heavy objects with a chain or sling.  Fine Swing Mode provides a cushioned swing by reducing the swing shock at the start and stop of the swing. This provides additional control when lifting.

Redesigned Engine Hood

A Redesigned 3-Piece Engine Hood Makes It Easier To Check The Engine

Another great feature, especially for service personnel, is the all-new, 3-piece-design of the engine hood.  As compared to the previous model, the new hood is easier to open when checking the engine oil or servicing the engine.  The center section lifts up and the left and right sections can be completely removed with a few bolts if full access is required to the after-treatment components or coolers.  There is also a convenient door that can be opened with a key to check or fill the engine coolant.

Auto Safety Lock

Auto Safety Lock

Hyundai’s new auto safety lock prevents the operator from accidentally moving the machine abruptly when activating the hydraulics.  If the hydraulic safety lock bar is disengaged and the operator is placing pressure on the joysticks or the foot pedals, the hydraulics will not activate.  In order to activate the hydraulics, all controls must be in the neutral position first, before unlocking the hydraulic safety bar.

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