Hyundai’s HX Series excavators were recently updated to improve productivity and fuel economy on the job site.

The popular Hyundai HX220L 51,500 lb excavator was re-designed with improved hydraulic flow management called EPFC (Electronic Positive Flow Control). This new feature allows you to adjust the machine’s speed and performance based on the type of work you do. It also saves fuel with improved electronic control of the pumps.

Now operators can customize the speed and control sensitivity of specific functions like swing, boom, to provide maximum flow where it is needed for specific applications.

Mass excavation contractors loading trucks all day, can increase the speed of the boom raise function to load quicker. General excavation and grading contractors, can adjust the swing speed and arm speed for better productivity and control when grading or doing general excavation work.

The new sensitivity feature is ideal for improving feel and attachment response according to the weight of the load being handled. When handling heavier material loads, operators may adjust the sensitivity for improved hydraulic response.  Conversely, when handling lighter materials, a lower sensitivity level may be selected.  For more information, watch this video.

This new system also contributes to fuel efficiency.  According to Hyundai Construction Equipment, HX220L excavators with EPFC have shown up to 15% fuel savings as compared to the previous model without EPFC.

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