DENIS CIMAF Inc. – specializing in the development of high-efficiency industrial mulching attachments. DENIS CIMAF Brushcutters and Mulchers are recognized for their productivity and efficiency.

DENIS CIMAF mulching equipment


Boom Mounted Mulchers

DAH is a high-power, forestry mulcherĀ industrial system to be installed on most excavators or other carriers with articulated masts. DAH mulching attachments are designed for vegetation control work.

DAH Boom Mounted Mulcher


Front Mounted Mulching Attachments for CTL

The DAF is an industrial high-power forestry mulching attachment system that can be installed on most compact loaders or other dedicated forestry carriers. DAF brushcutters and mulchers are designed for vegetation control work.


Dedicated Power Unit

EWF hydraulic power units have been developed specifically to increase the power available for your industrial accessory attachments via an independent hydraulic circuit.

EWF Dedicated Power Unit


Roadside Maintenance

These industrial hydraulic attachments are a drum mulcher head that is mounted on an articulating arm attached to the front of a grader. Since graders are often under-utilized, the DER mulcher can be put to work on any available grader. And the faster traveling speeds of graders means that roadside maintenance work can be done up to four times faster than with a mower mounted on a conventional tractor.

Easy to install without removal of grader blade; Easy to remove providing fast changeover between roadside grading and maintenance work; Highly productive unit; Easy to maintain, thanks to replaceable sharpenable blades; impressive reach owing to inherent stability of graders.

DER Roadside Maintenance Grader Attachment