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Yanmar Excavators

The history of compact excavators is synonymous with YANMAR’s excavator history.  Since YANMAR introduced the first compact excavator to the market in 1971, YANMAR has always taken the lead in the industry.

The durability, reliability, versatility, innovation, environmentally friendly and greater cost-effective operation come from more fuel-efficient engines coupled with design matched hydraulics which are highly recognized worldwide.

They now have 10 models ranging from 2,348 lbs through 21,660 lbs.

Yanmar Construction
Yanmar Excavators Operating Weight Output
SV08-1B 2,348 lbs 10.3 hp
Vi017-A 3,836 lbs 14.5 hp
Vi025-6A 5,919 lbs 20.4 hp
Vi035-6A 7,905 lbs 24.4 hp
Vi045-6A 10,373 lbs 39 hp
Vi055-6A 11,850 lbs 47.6 hp
Vi080-1A 18,136 lbs 59.9 hp
SV100-2A 21,550 lbs 72 hp
Yanmar compact excavators

Yanmar Wheel Loaders

When it comes to moving material, nothing gets the job done like a Yanmar Wheel Loader. You might need to load a truck or haul gravel, move lumber or debris. No matter what your project, these rugged, high-performance machines are the fast, efficient way to get more work done.

Wheel Loaders Operating Weight Output
V4-7 8,322 lbs 40.9 hp
Yanmar Wheel Loaders
Tracked Carriers Weight Horsepower Max Payload
C50R-3C 11,662 lbs 96.5 hp 8,380 lbs

Yanmar Tracked Carriers

Yanmar Tracked Carriers