Kawasaki Excavator for Rent in South Carolina

What all can an Excavator be used for?

When it comes to heavy equipment, few pieces of machinery are as vital as an excavator. Excavators are a versatile piece of construction equipment with many uses and functions across a wide variety of industries and jobs. At May Heavy Equipment, we offer a wide selection of new and used excavators for sale or rent.

Excavators are typically used for digging excavations and for trenching purposes. Their versatility and effectiveness make them vital at construction sites in industries as varied as mining, forestry, construction, pipeline industries, and much more. There are different types of excavators depending on the type of job you are doing.

Tracked excavators consist of a boom, dipper stick, bucket, and cap, all of which is on a rotating platform, while the cab sits on tracks. This type of power is perfectly suited for tasks like digging, material handling, demolition, open-pit mining, and much more. If you are going to be working in a smaller area, the tracked excavator offers unmatched power to get the job done.

For forestry work, hydraulic attachments can help in brush cutting and forestry mulching, helping clear forests quicker than other potential methods. In a similar way, excavators are highly useful when it comes to general grading or landscaping duties singulair allergy.

A wheeled excavator sits on wheels, which makes it more mobile than a tracked excavator. This mobility allows them to move from job to job more quickly, making them a great asset in jobs such as ditch cleaning and other road maintenance.

Excavators can also be helpful during the winter season in ways you might not normally think of. For example, simple snowplow and snowblower attachments make it ideal for snow removal, especially over large areas such as parking lots.

If you have a smaller job, we also have compact or mini excavators available which are lightweight enough to be transported more easily and quickly. These types of excavators can be extremely useful for trenching duties, with advances in hydraulic systems often giving them as much power and capability as much larger pieces of equipment.

When you consider different excavators and excavator attachments, there is no more versatile piece of heavy equipment out there, which is why it’s vital to so many different industries and construction job sites. We offer new and used excavators for sale and rent from brands like Hyundai and SANY, offering you an outstanding selection. When you start to think about your next job, contact us to get the right piece of equipment for the job. No matter what industry you’re in, an excavator can help you get things done more quickly and effectively.