What to Know Before Renting Heavy Equipment | May Heavy DozerRenting heavy equipment can be a great business decision for your business, as long as you can find a reputable dealer that you trust. At May Heavy Equipment, we pride ourselves on offering the best in heavy equipment for rent, diligently maintaining our fleet to ensure its quality. However, before you rent heavy equipment in NC, there are a few things you should consider.

The first thing to think about is the scope of your construction projects, and what type of equipment you are going to need to get the job done right. One of the biggest benefits to construction equipment rentals is that you can have access to wide range of equipment, helping you narrow in on the best piece for your needs. When you own your equipment, you may have to make some piece of equipment work for all your jobs, even if it’s not quite suited for it. Renting heavy equipment gives you more flexibility.

Another key thing to know before renting heavy equipment is the amount of capital you have available, which can have a big influence on your decision. If cash is tight at all, renting your equipment can help preserve cash flow, since it will typically be a more affordable way to go, at least in the short run. Determine your price range and rental budget before you look into renting, so you know what you will be able to afford.

What to Know Before Renting Heavy Equipment | May Heavy ExcavatorAnother important thing to consider is your timeline and how long you will need the equipment. This can further help you understand the fees and costs associated with the rental to make sure that you stay on budget in your job. Ask us about our prices and rates for any equipment you are considering by contacting us via telephone, email, or our online form.

Before renting any construction equipment, check out the maintenance history or rental records for the piece to make sure it is in quality shape. Also, be sure to understand how any maintenance needs during the rental are handled. The last thing you want is to rent a piece of equipment that doesn’t work, or needs a lot of work just to maintain. This is why we stock our rental fleet with late-model, low-construction equipment whose quality we stand by. We understand that when you’re on the job, time is money.

Finally, be sure to consider your storage and transport capabilities before choosing whether to rent or own. When buying, you have to have the facilities to be able to properly store and care for the equipment even when it’s not in use. Many companies prefer renting because that liability falls onto the owner’s hands.

May Heavy Equipment has been serving North Carolina and the rest of the Southeast with high-quality construction equipment for many years, building a reputation on quality products and outstanding service. If you are interested in buying new or used construction equipment or renting heavy equipment for your next job, contact us to see how we can help.