Heavy Equipment Rental

You might have decided you need some equipment that you don’t currently have for a new project, as having the right equipment can save you time and money on the job. But how do you decide whether you should buy or rent construction equipment? There might be more scenarios than you think where it makes sense to rent excavators and bulldozers rather than the expense of buying them.

One major factor to consider is the length of the project or the job frequency. For example, if you are using the equipment for one specific project and that is all, renting becomes an obvious option. If you are going to use the heavy equipment more than once but over sporadic time periods, renting could still make sense when you factor in the costs of transporting and storing the equipment when it’s not in use. These are factors to consider when making your decision.

It also makes sense to assess whether your company has the capital to buy equipment and own it. If funds are a bit tighter, it may be difficult to have the money upfront that it would take to buy. Likewise, ownership also comes with operating and maintenance costs which can vary depending on many factors. When renting equipment, you don’t assume the risk of the maintenance, insurance, or storage costs, which can make it an attractive option.

Renting equipment also comes with the advantage of getting the most specialized equipment possible for the specific job you are on. While a lot of construction equipment is versatile enough to be used for many different projects, it might not always be the right choice if you could choose from a wide range of options. If your business tends to take on different types of jobs and work, renting can maximize your efficiency.

When you rent heavy equipment in North Carolina from May Heavy Equipment, you have access to the latest in quality equipment, with machines that come equipped with any new features of specialties. When you buy a piece of heavy equipment, you are aiming to keep it for the long haul. This can sometimes mean that the equipment becomes dated, or doesn’t have the latest features which can help you do the job better. This problem is solved when renting.

Before you rent heavy equipment for your next job, you want to make sure you are going through a reputable firm with a strong track record of providing outstanding equipment. At May Heavy Equipment; all of our new and used equipment comes from the best brands in the industry. Our machines are low-hour, high-quality, and always maintained to the strictest standards. If anything does break down, we are also ready and able to get to your job site quickly to repair or replace the machine, reducing any downtime.

If you need construction equipment for your next project, contact us to talk to a sales representative in your region and find out how we can help. We offer heavy equipment and fleet rentals throughout the Southeast, including GA, SC, VA, and NC.